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What Kind of Spender/Saver Are You?
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Spending Style Snapshot

Everyday Spending Decisions, Especially
Credit Based Ones Can Shape Your Financial Future

Created by Paul Richard Executive Director of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education

Answer these yes or no questions and get a snapshot of your spending styles.
1 Always set aside at least ten percent of income for savings and investing using the payroll deduction method.
2 Always contribute maximum amount to employer sponsored pension plans in order to get the maximum contribution from employer every year.
3 Always use manufacturer's and retailer's coupons when possible and send in for rebates.
4 Always look over sale flyers and comparison shop before I spend, especially for food.
5 Always comparison shop motor vehicle and household insurance policies when they come up for renewal.
6 Always pay credit and charge card purchases in full when the statement arrives and never pay interest charges or penalty fees of any type.
7 Always keep banking and other receipts, even for smaller purchases, and note on them the details.
Over Spender's Quiz

Might You Be An Over Spender?

Test yourself, then check your answers below
Over Spenders Quiz created by Paul Richard, Executive Director of the Institute of Consumer Financial Education

"If you hear 'spend, spend, spend' when your money talks, you too may be one of those consumers who later discover themselves in a nightmare of debt instead of living the American dream. Here is a short evaluation to help you determine if you are an over spender.
Following are statements pertaining to your spending techniques. There are five responses to select from which indicate the degree of your likeness to each statement. Just mark the number in the space provided. Should a statement not apply to your situation, skip it and adjust the scoring accordingly which follows afterwards.
1 I always live within my income range.
2 Each income period, I set aside at least ten percent for savings.
3 My finances are managed according to a written spending-plan.
4 All household and grocery spending is planned in advance and done with a list.
5 I rarely make more than one trip a-week to the grocery store.
6 Grocery and other coupons and rebate offers are utilized whenever possible.
7 Comparison shopping for quality, value, price, etc. is something I/we do for practically every purchase, large or small.
8 I have no revolving debt carried on credit or charge cards.
9 I have not had an overdraft of my checking account nor paid late fees on a credit card.
10 I regularly contribute to an employer sponsored retirement plan, IRA or a 401k plan.