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"To improve the financial literacy of college, university and other post-secondary students."

July 12, 2011 - ICFE re-launches


The California Student Debt Resource and Awareness Project (CASDRAP), which began in 2000, was a statewide taskforce consisting of university administrators, nonprofit financial education organizations, and student loan lending, servicing and guarantor entities.

CASDRAP/SDH consisted of college and university administrators, non-profit financial education/consumer credit counseling organizations and student lending and guarantee entities. It got its start at San Diego State University. The timing of the Web site development coincided with the implementation of CA Assembly Bill 521, the Student Financial Responsibility Act (Koretz), which mandates that financial education be provided at California state universities and other California campuses as part of new student orientation programs. The California Legislature enacted the law in 2002. Initial funding for the site's development was provided through EDSHARE, a three-year grant program from EDFUND, the nation's second largest provider of student loan guarantee services under the Federal Family Education Loan Program. Funding from those sources had evaporated and SDH went dormant. Then, CASDRAP charter member, the Institute of Consumer Financial Education ( assumed sole sponsorship of the web site and re-launched it in July 2011.

Student Debt Help was presented at a national conference of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). The session, titled Financial Literacy Resources for College Students, Parent, and Educators/Administrators, provided the opportunity to share its website with a national audience. The session reviewed the reasons for the growing problem of student debt among post-secondary students including the rise of the cost of education, increased use of credit cards, and poor financial literacy, as well as how SDH addressed this problem.

One of the more popular features on the SDH website is the Ask MrG Financial Library. Jim Garnett of Ankeny, IA, is the "Mr. G." behind the AskMrG Library. He brings more than thirty years experience in financial counseling to each of the nearly 200 articles.

The Web site is constantly expanding and adding new resources. Feedback from users is always welcomed. Educators and other professionals are invited to submit resource links for

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