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Money is a big part of life. You earn it, spend it, loan it, borrow it and owe it. Many students start college with little or no personal experience in managing their finances. Understanding and practicing effective money management by developing a good spending habits, spending plan, identifying your goals and tracking expenses will help you avoid unnecessary debt while you are in school. Why? Because everyday spending decisions, especially the credit-based ones, will do far more harm to one's financial future than any investment decision they may ever make. The skills you learn now will help you to successfully manage your money for the rest of your life. is a comprehensive online portal designed to help you, the student, by providing resources to tackle challenges like budgeting and how to build a good credit history.

Remember to contact your school's Financial Services office if you have any problems with your student loans, credit card debt or other financial hardships that you may have trouble resolving on your own.

THE SDH/CASDRAP MISSION: To improve the financial literacy of college, university and other post-secondary students.

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