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Teach great classes on credit reports, credit scores and credit cards.
CARE Program Presenters provides ready to use Video, Power Point and handouts.
Credit Card Simulator - You're approved -- play the game to see if you can handle a credit card.
Tools and information to help you make smart financial choices.
FCEF's educational programming emphasizes personal financial literacy and fiscal responsibility and is delivered in several formats: presentations; seminars, and courses.
Comprehensive finance curriculum for grades K-12.
Financial fitness tools includes Ten Steps To Financial Fitness.
Teaching materials including The Credit Game and other educational resources.
Teachers portal for NEFE's High School Financial Planning Program.
Financial Fitness peer education program.
Free resources and lesson plans for use in the classroom.
A wide array of financial calculators covering subjects like loans, credit, savings and budgeting.
Takes viewers on a journey deep inside the American style of debt, where things seem fine as long as the minimum monthly payment arrives on time.
Key education documents.
Article - What schools across the USA are doing to engage students.
An entertaining & hard-hitting documentary into the tantalizing world of Credit Cards & the shadowy forces controlling them.
Information on mortgage, CD's & credit cards.
A listing of helpful "calculators" for various purposes.
Various planning tools; for example, what to consider when buying a car.
Credit Card Nation is the inspiration of Dr. Robert D. Manning, a leading expert on the credit card industry.
SAT prep, finding a college & scholarship info.
Federal web site dedicated to helping Americans understand more about their money - how to save, invest and manage it to meet personal goals. Free "My Money" Tool Kit.
Educational Credit Management Corporation
Size up your credit smarts...see how good you are at credit management with the Credit-ED challenge. (Free materials for available for Educators)
Gives professionals recommendations, strategies, & resources to improve their work with young people for college success.
This web page will direct you to some of the more helpful financial aid guidance on the web.
The source for free information, guidance and tools for federal student assistance from the U.S. Dept of Education's office of Federal Student Aid.
The One-Stop Resource for Life After High School. All the college, scholarship, and career information you'll need to plan your future!
The Office for Financial Success provides affordable, unbiased personal finance education & counseling.
Award Winning Service offers Financial Tip of the Week.
Study of Credit Counseling and new breed of "non-profits".
Resources to become a savvy consumer, business compliance & FTC law enforcement actions.
One of three major Credit Bureaus. Provides consumers access to their credit report.
One of three major Credit Bureaus. Provides consumers access to their credit report.
One of three major Credit Bureaus. Provides consumers access to their credit report.
Financial aid industry information and services brought together for easy access for students, parents and schools.
A fellowship of men and women helping others to recover from compulsive debting.
ICFE shows you how to create and set up a monthly spending plan.
Sets the national standard for quality credit counseling.
Information regarding taxes, savings & budgeting.
Non-profit consumer credit management organization formed in 1974. FEDERALLY APPROVED BANKRUPTCY PRE-PETITION COUNSELING AVAILABLE.
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